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Kay is a level 2 kickboxing instructor who mixes up her workouts with variety of kicks and off the bag exercises.
Reason for starting FXB: To get in better shape
Changes You Have Seen: More energy, increased stamina and lots of new lifelong friends
Thoughts on the Program: Love that it’s not a trainer style program. Everyone that’s becomes a coach or instructor started by walking in that door same as I did back in 2009
Memorable Moments you have had with FXB: Outside gym activities like Dam to Dan, mud runs and just getting together as well as helping coach multiple $1000.00 ten week winners at 5 am.
Why Should Someone Else Do FXB? Because unlike trying a gym or diet plan on your own this program works.
Reason for starting FXB: I started Farrell's after learning more about the program from close friends who are Farrell’s instructors. I had already started to lose the lingering baby weight after having my two daughters, but I wanted to become stronger as well as fulfill my long-time dream of becoming a coach and instructor so that I could motivate, support, and encourage others.
Changes You Have Seen: I was so happy with my 10-week results. A few pounds less, inches and body fat percentage down, and so much stronger! And seeing it in pictures was so rewarding! One of my big goals was to get under a 7 minute mile...I ran a 6:53 at my final testing!! But the biggest thing for me was all the encouragement. The coaches and members are so incredible and are the reason I chose to stay with Farrell’s.
Thoughts on the Program: I love this program! It offers so much more than just exercise classes. There’s a reason we all start with a 10-week session: it gives us the tools to be successful in achieving our individual goals. Resistance and cardio training are presented with structure that helps the focus remain on form. It allows each student to put forth their own level 10 effort and modify as needed. Nutrition training is also given, which is such a big part of becoming and staying fit and healthy. And accountability is so great in this program! Friends are made quickly and they motivate each other to keep going strong.
Memorable Moments you have had with FXB: I think memorable moments are made all the time at Farrell’s. Watching people achieve their goals, no matter how big or small, is so rewarding to me. I remember after running the mile with some 10-weekers (and pushing them through the finish) I had one person thank me afterwards and tell me that they couldn’t have done it without me pushing them. I will never forget that moment…I was doing exactly what I wanted to be doing: encouraging, supporting, and motivating others.
Why Should Someone Else Do FXB? I would recommend this program to anyone and everyone. It’s a great environment for all levels: those who are just beginning a healthy lifestyle or want to continue a healthy lifestyle, those who want to gain muscle or lose fat, those who want to instruct or coach, those who are looking for accountability or structure. No one should feel intimidated to start because they haven’t exercised a day in their life, or they eat fast food every day during the week, or they can’t do a single push-up or sit-up. Any shape, size, or age is capable of making changes. Everyone has to start somewhere, and Farrell’s provides the tools as well as the support to make that start and achieve results.
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Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping Johnston
5500 NW Johnston Dr
Suite C
Johnston, IA 50131

Phone: (515) 251-4199 
Head Coach: Mike Frank
Franchise Owner: Mike Frank



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